Shrinkx Hips featured on Good Day Chicago



 Shrinkx Hips featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Mother’s Day Show


Today it’s Ellen’s Mothers Day show. Dennis Quaid is here. And you brought something actually that they will appreciate very much. Yes, my wife is involved with a baby products line called Upspring Baby and among the products is Shrinkx Hips which is a post natal belt. Your body emits a hormone while you are pregnant and it makes everything really soft and your bones spread. Well that’s very convenient. Yes, well Shrinkx Hips helps everything get back in line. And everyone is getting one (Shrinkx Hips).

Well I tell you, Shrinkx Hips really does work. It really holds in your hips and everything. Yes, you must wear Shrinkx Hips for the first eight weeks after delivery.


Daddy Clay interviews Julie Jumonville about Shrinkx Hips on DadLabs


Hey there and welcome back to the lab. I’m Daddy Clay and I’m here with Julie Jumonville maker of Milkscreen and also Walking Wings – two fantastic products. But they’ve got a new product and for some reason I’m wearing.

That product is called Shrinkx Hips Daddy Clay. As we’re standing here your hips might be shrinking. I shouldn’t be wearing it right, because it’s not really going to do me any good. That’s right but for a mom Shrinkx Hips is an amazing product. So when you are about to give birth that last trimester there is a hormone called Relaxin that releases into your system. Relaxin helps the pelvic joints and bones start loosening up so you can give birth. The interesting thing is that the Relaxin stays in your system up to eight weeks after you give birth. With the Shrinkx Hips plus Relaxin that hormone that naturally releases after birth you are going to be able to narrow your hips by wearing this belt at home, under your clothes or over your pjs while you are in that first six to eight weeks post partum. So this is a really nice way for mom to recover that pre-baby body.